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Touax realizes the biggest living camp in Europe

For the last five years Touax has delivered, for RWE and its subcontractors, a complete living camp made of approximately  3 200 modules (over 55 000m²).

On this project, Touax is also offering a complete facility management package.


RWE was awarded in developing a new power station in Eemshaven. This power station is being built to generate electricity primarily for the Dutch market. The plant, which can be partially fuelled by biomass, will have a gross capacity of 1,600MW and an efficiency of more than 46%, it will be one of the world’s most modern power stations


On Eemshaven site, Touax was awarded the project of setting up and operation the living camp for RWE and its subcontractors.

Over the time and with the project ramp up, Touax challenge was to adapt the capacity of the living camp and meet RWE request in providing buildings, offices, canteen and sanitary facilities for the workers.


RWE as every Global key Account was accompany by Touax with :

  • A camp made of 3 200 modular units (over 55 000m²), installed in time and perfect conditions
  • Facility Management (canteen, concierge service, invoicing of subcontractors, etc.)
  • One single point of contact and a whole dedicated team to manage every requests


Touax and his teams are very proud of this project showing the operational excellence of the company in complex and huge projects.


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