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Design line

Design Line : Performance, Esthétisme, Longévité.

The Design Series is a range of products with objective to offer high customer value with emphasis on aesthetics, service life and comfort.

This concerns high quality, comfort and utility that offers broad variability of design and complies with the strictest technical building, fire safety and hygiene standards of the EU countries. It will find application in the domestic market (EU) exclusively in the form of sale to demanding segments and customers as well as implementation of modular objects for permanent usage.

The modules are intended mainly for demanding final customers from various segments, who expect a good design and energy saving solution and are willing to pay for quality, and thus realise permanent objects as a comfortable alternative to traditional building construction.

The modular objects built from this series of products are characteristic in their modern ventilated façade system, "full wall" system (interior straight walls), maximum focus on design and comfort comparable to traditional building construction (thermal insulation, fire resistance, broad range of design options, rich offer of fittings).

The Design Series offers modules in dwelling, corridor or sanitary design. They are intended for all types of systems. It is possible to select from 2 types of all-welded steel frames known as TD and TE, which set the mechanical and static features and make possible the usage of a given level of insulation and surface finish.

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