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Financed Operating Lease with a Purchase Option

You want to lease or acquire a new building  ?
Touax offers financial solutions with no impacts on your treasury


Strenghs and Benefits

►  Accessible and flexible solution
►  Touax deliver a modular brand new building according your needs
►  Touax is the owner of the building and you lease it
►  End of the period you have a purchase option to become the owner of the building


Operational Process

►  Touax offers a commercial offer with payement terms (lease + residual value at x years)
►  Touax delivers your building and sell it back to a credit & mortage institution
►  The credit & mortage institution will charge the lease on the given period
►  At the end of the period, either you buy back the building or the building is given back to Touax

You have a leasing solution, for a given period, on a brand new building and have a flexible option to become the owner of the building!

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