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Financial Lease

You want to acquire a new building without impacting your cash ?
Touax offers leasing solutions


Strenghs and Benefits

►  Accessible and flexible solution
►  Touax deliver your building according you very needs
►  Day 1, You occupy your buidling as every owner does
►  You pay your lease and have an incitative purchase option on residual value after 4 years


Operational Process

►  Touax offers a commercial offer with payement terms (lease + residual value at x years)
►  Touax delivers your building and sell it back to a credit & mortage institution
►  The credit & mortage institution will charge the lease and you can exercise your option to dates
►  When you play your purchase option, you become formally the owner of your buildings

You can lease at market best conditions and in some case deduct the lease rate from the tax base!

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