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Options and equipments


  • Facilities management: we help you in your daily operations (receptionist, subcontractors mngt, sub-lease facility, mailing facilities)
  • Safety: we manage your building security (CCTV) and can even delegate a dedicated safety team
  • Maintenance: we maintain your premises in perfect operational conditions (cleaning and maintenance)
  • IT/Network Support: we help you setup and maintain the IT network in your building


  • Lockers
  • Bed
  • Chair, bench
  • Table, desk
  • wall board
  • Kitchen

Exterior equipment

  • Shading
  • Information Panel
  • Decoration adhesive film
  • Rounded column
  • Window: fix / panoramix

Interior equipment

  • Ceiling
  • Floor covering (PVC, woods...)
  • Venetian blind
  • Hooks

Electric device

  • Lighting
  • Air condition
  • Detector / coil
  • Online dopyt