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Design line

Design Line : Performance, Esthétisme, Longévité.

Range "Design" aims to offer products comply with the regulations as further points of energy that the fire resistance. The refinement and appearance are subject to special care with the use of materials first. Interior comfort is optimum with a breathable wall system controlling water quantity and quality of air. A wide range of options is available and our offices are open to all suggestions from customers. It provides serial smooth walls integrally and an exterior finish type cladding. The appearance of the building is similar to that of a traditional building with a hidden structure and a smooth finish both externally and internally.

It is intended for sale only. This range can be offered in the following cases:
Office / Premium extension / Location / Hosting / Sales Store / Exhibition venue / school / auditorium / health  /hospitals

Each product can be offered as standard, version and version sanitary corridor. Modules in the Design range is compatible with the entire fleet Touax modules as the structure that consists of the same. The products are all stacked on three levels (R 2). They are also intended to any type of assembly, simple or complex, with or without corridor. The dimensions of modules and packages are standard but a number of options are available.
This range is divided into two fully welded metal structures are not compatible with each other: the structure called TD and TE structure itself. Here, the structure is understood as the metal frame that provides the mechanical, seismic and allows a level of insulation and finish given. The two structures are essentially identical. The differences are in height (TD structure has an overall height of 2850mm and 2950mm structure TE) and the thickness of the metal parts. Each of the two structures has a range of specific options for insulation and fire resistance, and a panel of common options for other items (carpentry, configuration, heaters, etc ...)

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